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     Old Glory Memorial honors the lives of all American Soldiers along with the many other memorials here. 

We will never forget the sacrifice of our fallen soldiers.

We will memorialize them, their sacrifice, and their valiant story of bravery and heroism here for all to revere forever.


Old Glory Memorial El Paso

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"Old Glory Memorial" Flies to honor all who serve our country and those who have given their lives in the name of the Freedom we enjoy everyday!
     "The Flag stands for all that we hold dear, Freedom, Democracy, Government of the People, By the People and for the People."
Henry Cabot Lodge 1915


Vietnam Veteran's Memorial El Paso

....the names inscribed upon it are those of the 208 from El Paso County, Texas that lost their lives or are missing in action between 1961 and 1975 during the Vietnam War....


SSGT. Christopher Diaz K-9 Memorial

Christopher Diaz is a Marine Dog Handler Hero who gave his life to save another Marine with  no regards for his own life. He will always be remembered, missed and loved.

Dedicated to all US Military working Dog Handlers and their beloved Dogs who defend America from harm, defeat the enemy and save lives.


History of Female Veterans 

Women Warriors Monument

Pioneers, Nation Builders, and Comrades in Arms behind the line and on the line, proudly serving for America's Freedom.


Women Airforce Service Pilots

In Honor of World War II Women Airforce Service Pilots "WASP" killed in service.

"We will never forget our debt to female War Pilot Heroes."


Korean War Memorial

We shall  never forget the missing-in-action and those  who died on the battlefield to save a nation from communist aggression from North Korea.


World War I Memorial


This Memorial Honors All military personnel who served in World War I, nearly 5 million Americans.

We especially Honor Frank Woodruff Buckles (1901-2011), the last Doughboy, and the last serving veteran of WWI.

This Memorial Also Honors Benjamin S. Fitzgerald who served in World War I.

World War II Memorial


This memorial to all those who served in World War II, was made possible by William Haddad 12-05-24 /01-18-06, who served in the US Navy during this war. Haddad established a charitable trust charged with the task of building a memorial to all who served in this war "That they would never be forgotten."

9/11/2001 Memorial

In memory of all who perished in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

"The Spirit of Freedom

To those who have fallen,

To those who were called,

To those who were heroes Who sacrificed all,

Look not up to buildings, shattered glass and steel pulls

It is the Spirit of Freedom 

That makes us all stand tall"

Purple Heart Memorial

Dedicated to all the men and women wounded in all our wars.

Combat Wounded Veterans

My stone is red for the blood they shed.

The medal I bear is my country's way to show they care.

If I could be seen by all mankind maybe peace will come in my lifetime.

Fallen Soldier Memorial

Memorial to all fallen soldiers.

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